A Practical and Spiritual Guide to End-of-Life Planning


Table of Contents

Getting Started
Center—Your Purpose and Clearing
Air—Your Spring of Forgiveness
Water—Your Summer of Compassion
Earth—Your Autumn of Gratitude
Fire—Your Winter of Surrender
Coming Full Circle
The Authors

What You Can Accomplish

Discover LeaveLight’s leverage

Getting Started
The Six Steps
Use LeaveLight effectively
Schedule your time
Create a working space
Begin your journal
Start your LeaveLight Binder
Familiarize yourself with forms
Select your media
Select your rewards for completion

Center—Your Purpose and Clearing
Reflect on your purpose for this work
Create your schedule
Document storage places and passwords
Start forming your Care Circles
Explore how to talk with loved ones
about death

Air—Your Spring of Forgiveness
Gather and review vital documents
Record personal data
Begin to write a forgiveness letter
Plan for those who depend on you
Select a guardian for your children
Make plans for your pets
Record your military service
List your membership/volunteer activities
Begin your life review

Water—Your Summer of Compassion
Decide on organ donation
Practice compassion
Document your health history
Complete your health care provider list
Create your advance directives
Consider your end-of-life health choices
Select your health care agent
Select your financial agent

Earth—Your Autumn of Gratitude
Reflect on material goods
List your assets and liabilities
Review your insurance policies
Select an executor
Make decisions for your will and trust
Begin your gratitude journal

Fire—The Winter of Your Surrender
Design your final arrangements
Imagine saying farewell
Complete your notification list
Write your obituary and epitaph
Reflect on your beliefs about death
Coming Full Circle
Create your legacy letter
Live light—live your life with joy

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